Healing with sound is now a reality.

A system of medicine that has been in use for the last 14 years and shown to work effectively in thousands of people worldwide producing amazing results is now available in sound form. And it's proving more effective than in pill form.


What can it do for me?

Do you wake up alert, alive and with abundant energy that lasts all day long?


Detoxes essentially remove the physical junk in the body, plus old restrictive emotions and limiting, narrow thinking. We believe our detoxes cover virtually every type of mind/body toxin known to mankind.


Enhancers complement the detoxes by activating the genius in each of us, to make the interconnections that bring us alive. Enhancers are used first in all instances to allow vitalising consciousness to flow into the areas the detoxes empty out.


Choose from over 50 common conditions including disease and emotional traumas. Understand and connect with the deeper meaning and message behind your condition.

What people are saying
testimonials from users of PC Technology in sound form

I find that these healing sounds are very powerful. I had an abscessed tooth and getting ready to see about a dental appointment and the sounds for that helped heal the abscess in a few days. This is powerful stuff! Thank you.
H.B. Australia
After three days I have more stamina and resiliency than I have had in a while. I am also breaking out in small red pustules over my liver. It's a detox and its amazing! Thank you very much for this creation!

What happened after listening to Freeze is quite remarkable. I felt much more at ease and starting DOING things that I had been postponing/ procrastinating for years. Several people said to me things like: "What happened to you since the last time I saw you? You're far more radiant, far more energetic" - without knowing that I'm working with these Detoxes.
P.V. Holland
My son suffered from a hiatus hernia for quite some years. After listening a few times, the problem disappeared and is been one year since. Thank you!
H.G. Spain

Listened two days ago as I had pain in my right arm. I felt the difference right away after listening. My pain in the elbow area decreased noticeably.
I can now do a full 3 days of intensive care work with early morning starts and not much in the way of breaks and still carry on without dropping from exhaustion and needing to sleep for hours. I have so much more stamina it's amazing."

I tried the sounds of flu and all have good results and instant effects on the current condition. Thank you for these sounds.
Dr. Momin Sohil, Homoeopathic Physician. India
A wonderful sound, very calming. I could stand a migraine attack without allopathic remedy. I had pain but sufferable. Thanks!
anon. Germany

I did the Liver sound and experienced a need to forgive the person I felt anger towards. I feel stronger, more resiliant and clearer than I have felt in days. This is brilliant and powerful. I've got my friends onto it. Thank you.
A.W. United States of America
For several days my eyes were dry, itchy and discharging keeping me from seeing well. After the first listen, I thought they might be a little better. I listened 2 more times. Definitely better! Now it's 3 hours later, and I'm still seeing more clearly, 75% better than this morning. Thank you!
anon, Holland

I listened to the swine flu twice and my mother as well. A few hours later I started coughing up so much mucus I was almost choking. Same with my mother. I could hear mucus rattling around in her throat and she kept coughing. Today we are fine and she is better than she has been in a long time!
After listening for the first time my mood level changed instantly. Just a big big grin on my face and somehow a “more grounded” feeling that lasted during the day. All the while I was surprised by the strange sound. Actually I was still puzzling about the sounds while at the same time my mood level was soaring like in a spiritual elevator. Quite a unique experience! Thank you so much.
A.B. Germany

First I used was the swine flu sound. Within one hour all my symptoms were gone and have not come back (3 weeks ago). I felt better after 3 listens than I have for a long time. Since then, the Candida & Parasite healing sounds have increased my energy twofold & also finally eradicated some very annoying symptoms! Thank you!
I had 15 warts on my hands come up steadily over 2 years. I have tried other treatments but no success. I listened daily. After 6 weeks it is clear the virus has gone as all the warts are either going down or completely gone. In the first week one wart got significantly smaller, the first time this has happened in 2 years then there was no change and some continued to grow. After another 5 weeks they all suddenly started healing over. There was no placebo effect as I admit that I entered into this very skeptically!